The end is nigh...of the summer holidays, that is!

August 29, 2017


Apart from a few (very) wet days, this summer has been pretty good; plenty of sunshine to keep us happy and tanned (or a bit red if you're unlucky!).

So, it's almost time for our little one's to head back to academia. Whether it's nursery, primary or "big school" you're probably rushing round desparately looking for school trousers that not only fit but follow school guidelines, making sure their shoes still fit and buying enough stationery to keep the whole school supplied! Your summer holiday will soon be nothing more than a distant memory and a selection of photo's on Facebook!


I didn't particularly mind school, but did always relish the last day of term...

One year, I must have been in a rebellious mood as I attempted to skip final assembly and start my holiday early...

I got about 20 yards outside the school gates before hearing an almighty roar 'Hey!! Get back in to School'

The maths teacher, Mr. Kennedy, had collared me and Jamie - my partner in crime and we came drudging back in to school, heads held low in shame!

One of my other amusing memories of school came around 10 years earlier than that, when I must have been around 6 years old...

I was playing around the back of the school on morning break when one of my friends came running up to me excitedly and half out of breath said 'Alex, you have to come with me, your mums here to take you out of school and you're going to meet Alice Cooper!'

Of course I didn't believe him and carried on playing...

A few minutes later I realised it must be true as my mum came around the corner and hurried me away...

She'd managed to convince the head teacher to let us off for the day to 'achieve one of her lifelong dreams!'

A few hours later over in Birmingham and Alice Cooper, the rock legend, was chatting away to us and doing a Bugs Bunny impression for us!

He was such a nice guy and nothing like he is on stage.


What a surreal day, and ties in nicely to 'School's Out'!

Apart from long days playing football, the summer holidays for me was all about 'Le Tour De Street Lane'...

A cycling tournament set on our doorstep 'Street Lane'.

There were several events and around 5 competitors...

My little sister Rosie would also help out by recording the times and handing out water bottles as we whizzed by!

It's always the simplest things that are the most fun and it's that spirit I try to put in to our camp site today.

Back then there was no such thing as an iPad or even wifi, and I think in many ways things were better for it.

I'm lucky enough to see kids having fun on the site everyday by using their imagination, inventing new games and meeting new friends!

Anyhow, that's my trip down memory lane...

Hope you enjoyed it...


As the season draws to a close we will have a lot of memories of the summer, we have met some wonderful people who have enjoyed our 'little corner of heaven' in Lancashire, and hopefully helped them to reconnect to each other. This really is the place to get away from it all and switch off from the pressures of everyday life. Why not book your next holiday at Stanley Villa Farm? We guarantee you won't regret it!