July & August 2019 - Any Method:

From the 1st of July 2019 until 31st August 2019 we will be opening up the fishing lake to all methods. 

This will be priced at:

£15 for 4 hours 2 fish.

£25 for 6 hours 2 fish.

£35 for 8 hours 4 fish.

Current members will stay the same.

No equiptment hire available. Single hooks only. No Treble hooks.

September 2019 - Fly Fishing Only:

4 hours sporting    £15 - most popular

4 hours -1 fish        £20

6 hours sporting    £20

6 hours- 2 fish        £25

8 hours sporting   £25

8 hours- 4 fish       £35

Monthly membership - £35 per calendar month.
This includes unlimited fishing from 8am-dusk & 2 fish per month to keep.


Fylde Trout Fishery is the only dedicated Fly Fishery on the Fylde Coast. 

A beautiful clear fishing lake, regularly re-stocked with hard fighting Rainbow, Blue & Brown Trout.

Sizes range to up to 7lbs, although the average size is around 2lbs.

A perfect spot if you’re in to your Fly Fishing.

Day Ticket Tariff until July 1st 2019:

4 Hours Sporting - £13... Most Popular

4 Hours keeping 1 Fish - £16

6 Hour Sporting - £17

6 Hours keeping 2 Fish - £19... Very Popular

8 Hours Sporting - £20

8 Hours keeping 4 Fish - £26 

Membership is available for £30 per calendar month (includes 2 fish per month to keep). This can be paid directly to staff or by using the brown envelopes in the fishing cabin - just be sure to write your name on the envelope and 'monthly fee'.

Last Stocking Date: 10th June 2019

Previous Stocking: 25th March 2019

Previous Stocking: 1st February 2019

Previously stocked:

Mid November 2018

Late September 2018 

Mid May 2018 

Mid / late March 2018 

Early Feb 2018



Most Fish Caught Competition - £50 first place. Free months membership (worth £35) for second place.

Entry £15 - or £10 for members.

Free brews and bacon butties for all.

Rules to be given out on the morning. Pegs system in place and 30min timer per peg.

Maximum 2 flies. 

Maximum 20 Rods - Pre-booking is advised. This can be done in person on the site prior to the competition date.


General Information

Opening Times: 8am - Dusk. 

Opening Dates: Every Day (apart from Christmas Day)

The lake is surrounded by wildlife and has been planted with native trees and hedges to blend in with the surrounding countryside.

This helps with the fly life.

We also place barley bales in cages in the lake to keep it nice and clear.

The lake and grounds are well manintained for an enjoyable fishing experience.

It’s not unusual to see wild deer as well as the usual suspects (rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, and a large selection of birds including; kingfishers, hawks, and owls).


  1. Those fishing do so entirely at their own risk, the owners accept no responsibility for loss or damage to persons or property
  2. Catch limit – See tariff
  3. All fees must be paid and names entered on the day sheets in the cabin before commencing fishing and entering the fishing area
  4. Fly fishing only. Catch and return only allowed with barbless hooks
  5. Fishing 8am until sunset
  6. No dogs / radios around the lake
  7. No children under 16 years old unaccompanied by an adult
  8. Anglers must hold a current Environment Agency Rod License
  9. A catch return must be completed, including nil returns
  10. Anglers are requested not to stray from the banks, lodge, and car parks. The woods and surrounding area are strictly private
  11. Foul / abusive language will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the fishery
  12. The owner or appointed bailiff reserve the right to search vehicles and possessions of anglers suspected of cheating
  13. Contravention of any of the above rules will result in expulsion from the fishery with no refund and could result in prosecution


Do you have a group of friends / colleagues that enjoy fly fishing? 

Why not book a outing? We are now taking bookings.

4 hours sporting, bacon barm & tea/ coffee included. £16 per person.

For more information please see staff on site or email us at

  • Fishing at Stanley Villa Farm Camping
  • Fishing at Stanley Villa Farm Camping
  • Fishing at Stanley Villa Farm Camping
  • Fishing at Stanley Villa Farm Camping
  • Fishing at Stanley Villa Farm Camping
  • Fishing at Stanley Villa Farm Camping
  • Fishing at Stanley Villa Farm Camping
  • Fishing at Stanley Villa Farm Camping
  • Fishing at Stanley Villa Farm Camping

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